Aquaman Movie Review: Spoiler Free

December 11, 2018 Aquaman Movie Review: Spoiler Free

Let’s get real here. Die-hard DC fans needed this to be a half-decent movie.

I’m in the same boat.

Like you guys I was prepared for them to “Deadpool-it-up” using Jason Momoa’s quirky real-life persona heavily in the role.

Luckily they didn’t. And luckily it was an awesome movie.

Before we continue, worry not there are no spoilers here. And below is the trailer to psych yourselves out one more time!

Let’s dive in. Firstly, thank you James Wan. The portrayal of Atlantis was breathtaking.

Atlantis, through Wan’s eyes was a mixture of Wakanda and Avatar’s Pandora mixed with the Discovery Channel and Planet Earth.

From a cinematography point of view, the camerawork and effortless transitions between scenes was a visual treat.

For the non-geeks reading this: The movie is a straight up origin movie, and no, you don’t need to be a geek or have watched anything previously to watch the movie.

Nicole Kidman owned the role of Atlanna (Aquaman’s Aqua-Mum) and opens the movie by setting the pace for the entire film. The first few minutes of the movie featured a touch of romance, humour and a solid fight scene that made a little bit of me wish they made a movie about Atlanna instead.

Aquaman kicked ass. The character’s first foray onto the big screen was rather weak, with his strength being overshadowed by Superman himself. But keep in mind that Aquaman is incredibly strong. Some would argue that a full-strength Aquaman with his Trident can take on Superman.

While I do agree his role in Justice League was quite underwhelming, DC sorted that out in this movie. His strength is on full display here, together with his speed, immunity and overall badassery.

He’s absolutely savage here. Not only does he smash a ton of baddies when he makes his initial appearance but he also smashes back a few pints of beer at breakfast soon after.

Beer. At. Breakfast! And he’s inked! I could have a new favourite Superhero.

Next. What’s Aquaman without Queen Mera? They are, after all, the ultimate “couple-goals” pair of the superhero world. While Amber Heard was quite tame as the Queen of the Sea, there are moments where she has her man’s back. Basically saving his ass and knocking sense into him several times, like all long-suffering girlfriends/wives do. (I should know)

The relationship could have been developed a bit better however, the flirty and cute exchanges between the two are the foundations to any good love story. Can’t wait for a sequel to see her at full strength.

While I rate it a solid 8, those who watched it with me agreed on a 6.5. Perhaps it was seeing comic book, cartoon and animated movie imagery come to life on the big screen.

Many would argue that this is a mashup of every other superhero movie out there with loads of water. And they could be right. There are tinges of Black Panther, Iron Man, Ant Man etc. And I would agree to a certain extent, that it comprises the best parts of every superhero movie you would have seen this far.

Villian development, while not extensive, was sufficient. You will connect with the villains here, but I guess that’s now a staple in superhero movies post Black Panther.

The costumes and portrayal of Ocean Master, Black Manta and Aquaman were done exceptionally well. I got rather excited, especially seeing Black Manta and Ocean Master in full costume. For those who don’t know how they usually look, Google them before you head to the movie.

Being a geek and sympathising with the grief throw Aquaman’s way, it was quite refreshing to see the superhero kick ass.

Lastly, Wan, thank you for making Atlantis real. While the majority of us saw this world in comic sketches and animated movies, seeing it like this was amazing. Everything from Atlantis itself to the other kingdoms and even the trench was much more than we could ever imagine.

Aquaman opens in theatres across Dubai and the UAE on December 13.

Here’s the link to Vox just in case you still haven’t booked your tickets.

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